Want your dog to be a #CCHEMPupscout ?!

The Pupscout Program 

We created this program to encourage our clients to continue learning and having fun with their dogs! When you sign your dog up for any of our training programs, you will receive a complimentary Chase&Chauncey neckerchief! For each subsequent training you participate in with us your pup will receive a special pin to be displayed on their neckerchief! Collect as many as you want all while your dog continues to learn! 

Besides pins for our various classes and training packages, there are also permanent pins you can earn anytime:

1. Barley Labs pin- head into Barley Labs, conduct your own 30 minute training session with your dog, buy a beer, and get your free pin!

2. Chase&Chauncey pin- order a cute bandana, bowtie, or other handmade item from Chase&Chauncy and receive a free pin! Just order from their website and when you receive your order snap a photo of your dog, tag us and we will get you your pin!

Once a month we will also be doing limited edition pins! These will only be available once and will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Events could include: seminars, pack walks, tricks class, etc.!