Pupscout Scholarship Program

Finding ways to give back

Here at CCHEM we have been trying to come up with ways to give back to dogs in need, whether they are still in the shelter or already in their forever home. Many of our clients have expressed interest in donating to help fellow pups, so this is the way we've decided to proceed!

Introducing the Pupscout Scholarship Program!

In this program we will be relying on donations from our clients to start building a scholarship fund. We at CCHEM will then MATCH whatever donations we receive to give free training to various pups across the RDU!

Two groups will benefit from this scholarship:

1. Local dogs at various local shelters: we will be visiting local shelters, working with one dog at a time to boost their training in hopes of helping them find their forever home!

2. We will also be selecting one new dog a month to be selected from social media. Maybe you know someone that REALLY needs some training, but can't afford the costs right now-- NOMINATE THEM! Please send us a message of who you're nominating and why. You can also nominate your own dog! One new dog will be selected to receive the scholarship each month!

What your donations will help pay for: your donations will help cover treat costs, training costs, gas expenses and our time so we can get out there and do some good! Remember-- if you donate just $50, we will match that with another $50 which would cover a WHOLE private lesson for a dog in need!