Our Pack

Zuko the Keeshond

Energetic. Food Obssessed. Oh-So-Fluffy.

Zuko joined our family just over five years ago, at only 8 weeks old! Since the first day we brought him home, he has been quirky, fun, and incredibly loyal. Zuko has helped us master the art of Puppyhood-- housebreaking, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, and foundational obedience. He has always had a sensitive stomach, which was my main inspiration for getting into canine nutrition. Watching him blossom into adulthood has been an incredibly joyful experience. He is nothing short of our "soulmate-pup!"

Hermes the Mixed Breed

Athlete. Snuggler. French Kisser.

Hermes zoomed into our lives (and our hearts) almost 4 years ago. He is an absolutely irresistible super mutt from a shelter in Austin, Texas. It was love at first sight with this pup! Hermes was roughly 9 months old when we adopted him. Though he is completely sweet, he introduced a new set of issues to our now-multi-dog household, including: accidents, resource guarding, excessive submissiveness, and the ability to escape from any gate or fence. Unfortunately, we discovered soon after adopting him that he was heartworm positive, as well. We've worked very hard with him on his health and behavior and are happy to report that he is doing phenomenally!  Hermes has a stellar personality and is an excellent middle brother. Everyone who meets him falls head over heels for him-- just like we did!

Fionn the Keeshond

Fun-loving. Adorable. Floof-in-training.

Fionn came into our lives rather unexpectedly in February of 2018. Like our Zuko, Fionn is a keeshond from Erbekees in Tennessee. He has some corneal scarring on his eyes from an eye infection from when he was just 1 week old. He can see, which is great! His vision is only impaired in low-light situations.

Adopting Fionn has not only given us more experience with impaired dogs, but he has also given us the chance to re-live the trials and tribulations of puppyhood all over again! He is an excellent playmate to all and has a real vibrancy about him. We just love him to pieces!