STEP 1: Canine Evaluation

The CANINE EVALUATION is an in-person meeting with Roiya to better understand your canine's lifestyle in terms of obedience, exercise, and nutrition. We will also discuss your goals and how to achieve them! 

This evaluation occurs in the comfort of your own home!

Cost: FREE!

STEP 2: Service Selection

Your Certified Trainer will help you choose what service best suites the needs of your family and your dog:

1. Private Lessons

2. Stay & Train Program

3. Day-Training

4. Group Classes

STEP 3: Get Started!

Choose a day and time that works best for you.

Roiya will develop a 100% customized plan to begin your journey.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to owning a happier, well-behaved dog!

Just a few of our ridiculously adorable clients!